Find listed bellow the professors doing research in Transformation Processes:

Álvaro Takeo OmoriBiocatalysis, organic synthesis and green chemistry
Amedea Barozzi SeabraNanotechnology; Drug release; Biomedical Applications
Anderson Orzari RibeiroPhotosensitizer, Hypericin, Photodynamic Therapy
Artur Franz Kepplerorganic synthesis, small molecules, bioactive molecules
Bruno Guzzo da SilvaSupercritical technology, Natural products, Design of Experiments
Bruno Lemos BatistaICP-MS Metals Food, Speciation mass-spectrometry bioremediation, Toxicology Contamination Environment
Camilo Andrea AngelucciGlycerol, Espesctroscopy, Oxidation
Célio Fernando Figueiredo AngoliniChemical ecology (plants and microorganisms), Bioprospecting of new molecules (Natural products), Metabolomic studies by mass spectrometry
Dalmo Mandellicatalysis, oil, natural products
Diogo Librandi da RochaSample preparation, Flow analysis, Photo-oxidation
Erick Leite Bastosnatural pigments, functional materials, biotechnology
Fernando Heering BartoloniSynthesis, Kinetics, Chemiluminescence
Giselle CerchiaroBiochemistry, copper, free radical
Ivanise GaubeurSample preparation, liquid phase microextraction; spectrometric techniques
Janaina de Souza GarciaAlcohol electrooxidation, nitrate electrorreduction, electrosynthesis
João Henrique Ghilardi LagoNatural Products; phytochemistry; bioprospection; biological activity; structure/activity relationships (SAR)
Juliana dos Santos de SouzaNanomaterials, Photoelectrochemical generation of H2, Photodegradation of organic species
Karina Passalacqua Morelli FrinCoordination Compounds; Photochemical and photophysical investigation
Lúcia Helena Gomes CoelhoContaminants of Emerging Interest, Environmental Dynamics, Atmospheric Emissions
Maurício Domingues Coutinho NetoMolecular Dynamics, QM/MM, Proteins
Mauro Coelho dos SantosDetermination of hydrogen peroxide, Reaction Mechanism in Organic Pollutants Degradation, Electrochemical Advanced Oxidative Processes
Mirela Inês de SairreSynthesis, natural products, bioactive molecules
Rodrigo Luiz Oliveira Rodrigues CunhaChemical Biology, Organic Synthesis, Enzymology
Vani Xavier de Oliveira JrStructure-activity Relationship; Bioactive Compounds; Peptides
Wagner Alves CarvalhoCatalysis, Adsorption, Biomass
Yvan Jesus Olortiga AsenciosEnvironmental catalysis, Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP), Hydrogen