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The Graduate Program in Evolution and Diversity at UFABC aims to promote the connection between the areas of activity of teachers and students in interdisciplinary projects. Thus, the training of students should transcend the limits of the sub-areas, without, however, dispensing with the set of knowledge traditionally used in each of them.

The target audience of this Graduate Program is students graduating from UFABC’s Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degrees, and any Bachelors in Biological Sciences and related fields (eg, Agronomy, Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Geography, Forest Engineering, Environmental Engineering) from UFABC itself and other public or private national and international universities.

Despite the great challenges for understanding biodiversity, human resources in this area are still scarce. The lack of professionals in the fields of taxonomy and systematics has been frequently discussed. Studies on the interaction between organisms and the environment are increasingly necessary. For example, the knowledge we have about biology, natural history and ecological interactions of endemic species in the Neotropical Region is still insufficient to explain the origin and maintenance of diversity at its different levels of organization. The great challenges imposed by the need for the preservation and rational use of natural resources and the environments in which they occur demand the training of professionals and scientists to understand the most different aspects of the interactions between organisms and the environment.

Divulgation video (in Portuguese):