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Train professionals who, regardless of the specific area in which they come to work (zoology, botany, ecology or genetics), will have training in comprehensive issues related to Evolution and Diversity. The training offered will provide knowledge relevant to the development of research in specific taxonomic groups (animals, plants, microorganisms, etc.) addressing different aspects (ecology, systematics, biogeography, conservation), at different levels (from molecular to macromorphological). The program intends to direct the training of professionals to master the conceptual and methodological instruments necessary for an integrated research, necessary for the investigation of problems and complex phenomena related to biodiversity.

We believe that professionals trained by any course in the area of ​​biodiversity should have general knowledge of the different related areas that are solid enough to enable an interconnection between the traditionally fragmented knowledge areas of biology. On the other hand, it is important that professionals trained in any course in the area of ​​biodiversity have in-depth knowledge of specific areas, especially considering that the opportunities for insertion in the labor market are usually guided by these disciplinary divisions.

One aspect encouraged in the program is the co-orientation of students in the course by teachers from similar areas, but who have different or complementary backgrounds. This allows students to learn concepts and techniques traditionally used in different areas of knowledge and apply them in their dissertations and theses.