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Concentration Area and Research Lines

Concentration area: Evolution and Diversity

The area aims to enable students to develop original research on different aspects of biological diversity, at various levels of organization, in an integrated manner and with solid knowledge in the conceptual framework of Evolutionary Biology.

Research lines

1. Systematics, biogeography and genetic diversity

Elements are provided for the training of researchers in systematics and biogeographers: (1) taxonomic theory and practice and nomenclature codes; (2) knowledge about the morphology and compared anatomy, as well as the techniques for obtaining data of this nature; (3) knowledge of Comparative Biology, in the concepts and techniques of phylogenetic and biogeographic reconstruction; (4) knowledge in Molecular Biology techniques, for solving phylogenetic reconstruction problems; and (5) knowledge of the study groups’ biology, natural history, ecology and conservation.

2. Ecology and conservation

Studies are carried out addressing ecological relationships between organisms and between them and the environment, as well as studies dedicated to the application of this knowledge to the conservation of biodiversity. The subjects provide knowledge about the analytical tools commonly used in ecological studies, which often require extensive knowledge of statistics and modeling. The training of these researchers will also be based on concepts of Taxonomy and Systematics, as well as Evolutionary Biology, which are essential for discerning the historical and immediate causes that affect the relations between organisms and their environments.