Edital 049/2017 – Applications for Master and PhD – time, place and important notices

Important notices:

– For the exam, the candidates must show an id with photo (passport, driver´s license, etc.);
– The use of calculator will be allowed;
– The use of other eletronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, and notebooks will not be allowed;
– The exam will start at 2 p.m. (Brasília time) in 10.17.2017 and will last 3 hours;
– Candidates may only participate of the exam at the designated place showed in the list of candidates and places;
– Candidates in the Northeast regions of Brazil and other countries must be aware that daylight saving time (DST) will be running from 10.15.2017 in South, Southest, and Center-West regions of Brazil. The exam will start at 2 p.m. considering Brasília time.

Edital 049/2017 – Applications for Master and PhD – 2018.1

Applications for Master and PhD in Science and Technology/Chemistry to start in February 2018 will be open from August 30th to September 28th, 2017 (Brasilia time).

To apply for the selection process, the candidate must access the form available at the website: http://propg.ufabc.edu.br/processos-seletivos/, answer the form and attach the copies of the listed documents (mandatory in PDF format).

The edital in Portuguese is available here.

The selection process schedule:

  • Applications: from August 30th to September 28th 2017
  • Period for requesting the application of written exam at other Higher Education Institutions (outside São Paulo metropolitan region, or another Country): from August 30th to September 28th 2017- See Annex II Edital item 5.2.5
  • Divulgation of accepted applications list and the reasons for rejection: until September 30th 2017
  • Period for request application appeal: from October 1st to 5th 2017
  • Result of application appeal: October 6th 2017
  • Divulgation of candidates authorized to do written exam at other Higher Education Institutions (outside São Paulo metropolitan region or another Country): October 6th 2017
  • Divulgation of the place and time for written exam: October 10th 2017
  • Written exam: October 17th 2017
  • Divulgation of written exam results: until October 21st 2017
  • Period for written exam result appeal: from October 22nd to 26th 2017
  • Final result of the selection process: until October 30th 2017
  • Request for registration in graduate courses for 2018.1 – by Portal – from November 28th to 30th 2017
  • Students enrollment – according to the academic PROPG calendar, to be announced
  • Beggining of classes: according to the academic PROPG calendar, to be announced

For more information contact: ppg.quimica@ufabc.edu.br

The Annex II in english is available here.

Seminar: How-to-Publish in High Impact Journals

OPEN SEMINAR: How-to-Publish in High Impact Journals

Royal Society of Chemistry – British Council

This presentation will give an overview of scientific publishing, covering all the information you need to know about publishing your research. As well as providing an introduction to Royal Society of Chemistry we will discuss the peer-review process, how to write your paper, submission procedures, ethics and open access – along with an editor’s top tips.

Date: February 16th 2017 –  9:00 – 10:00h
Locatin: UFABC, Block B, Auditorium, 8th floor.

More information here.